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Approaching God's Word

God’s Word has the answer to every problem we will ever face, for it leads us into all truth. Indeed He is sufficient in every situation. But we need to seek Him and His Word with a sincere and honest heart, really desiring to know the truth. We also need to rid ourselves of our biased attitudes and preconceived ideas in order to clearly understand what God is saying.

Firstly we need to separate ourselves, through true repentance, from all sin - for we are a holy people unto God, set aside for His use and His purposes. As we seek His Word diligently, His truths will be revealed to us and written on our hearts. Then as we act on it, the implanted word will produce the salvation of our souls (minds) at a conditional level.

Baptism In The Holy Spirit

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of being baptized in the Holy Spirit - for it is impossible for Christians to meet all the requirements of the day and walk effectively in their callings unless they are baptized in the Holy Spirit.

In this teaching we will cover various questions which people often raise concerning the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. There has been much controversy surrounding this subject, and it is important to discover or at least reaffirm what God’s Word really teaches on the matter.

Baptism In The Holy Spirit And Fire

Like other vital doctrines, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit has been under much attack from the enemy, with Satan trying continually to surround this doctrine with as much confusion, doubt and unbelief as he can. His purpose in this is to discredit the Spirit Baptism so that people are prevented from knowing the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit. Satan knows that if Believers could fully comprehend and take hold of this promise, his reign on earth would be extremely restricted. So he and his forces work tirelessly to instigate much wrong teaching concerning this subject, examples of which are as follows: “This experience is not for today,” “Speaking in tongues is of the devil,” “The Spirit Baptism passed away with the Apostles,” and so on.

Baptism Of Regeneration

In this booklet we will learn about the term known as “the baptism of regeneration,” more widely known in terms of the phrase “to be born again.” Strangely enough, although every Christian has been through this experience, many have no real concept of what happened to them spiritually when they were saved.

Through this action, we become righteous children of God, and citizens of the household of God. It is important, however, to understand something of the nature of the process by which salvation takes place - for as we grow in understanding, we can also grow in faith.

Biblical Hermeneutics 

Christian Doctrine (the word, “Doctrine,” as stated, means literally “teaching or instruction.”) may be defined as the fundamental Truths of the Bible arranged in systematic form. This study is commonly called Theology, which means literally “a treatise or reasoned discourse about God.” (The two terms will be used interchangeably in the following description.)

Theology or Doctrine may be described as the science that deals with our knowledge of God and His relations to man, according to His Word. It treats of all things insofar as they are related to God and the Divine Purposes.

Christians And Disciples

Today, however, the word “disciple” and the word “Christian” can have quite different meanings. If a person is identified as a Christian, it does not necessarily mean that the person concerned is a disciple of Christ - for just being Christians does not automatically make us disciples.

At one time, the words “Christian” and “disciple” were almost synonymous. Years ago, many a person who was a Christian, would also have been a disciple - to some extent. This applied especially at a moral level, in bringing Christian standards to the home, the school and the community in general.


The celebration of communion is an extremely important aspect of Christian worship. This study will focus on the purpose of communion, what it represents, the requirements for partaking of communion and the benefits it provides. Before He ascended into heaven, the Lord gave the Church two New Covenant ordinances - communion and water baptism. And it must be understood that these are not to be voluntary additions or accessories to the Christian life. They are both commanded by the Lord and important for our ongoing spiritual growth


Covenant Of Atonement

Through sinning, Adam placed himself and all his offspring in a position which can be likened to that of a criminal. So when Adam separated himself from God by choosing a different path to the one which God had originally given him, he lost the rights heaven had to offer.

Adam would have fully realized who God was, for he communicated with Him on a daily basis, face to face, as we learned previously.

God told Adam not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil - but Adam disobeyed God, and in so doing, showed that he was really saying, “No, I’m going to do it my way.” Adam, knowing what God had said, chose to self-rule, as most people in the world are doing today.

Covenant Of Redemption

The Old Testament sacrifices needed to be done, day after day and year after year. But Calvary’s holy perfect sacrifice brought Atonement to a new level because it was a once and for all time completed sacrifice. It put an end to all sacrifices (Matthew 5:17) by fulfilling the law of sacrifice for man. Through this Atonement, redemption was made possible. Never before had this been the case.

Demonology Part One

As we have learned, it appears that demons originated from a creation before man - for they are obviously not fallen angels. As we have said, the strongest evidence to suggest that they once had their own bodies actually lies in the fact that they constantly seek to embody (to live in) the flesh of people or animals. Scripture tells us of this, and also shows us that ever since the fall of Adam, a spiritual battle has been raging for the possession of men’s minds, bodies and spirits.

Discerning The Lord's Body For Healing 

The Old Testament sacrifices needed to be done, day after day and year after year. But Calvary’s holy perfect sacrifice brought Atonement to a new level because it was a once and for all time completed sacrifice. It put an end to all sacrifices (Matthew 5:17) by fulfilling the law of sacrifice for man. Through this Atonement, redemption was made possible. Never before had this been the case.

Discerning Truth From Error

This small teaching will help you discern in some areas between good and evil, that which is of God and that which is false teaching. We know that in the world there is much incorrect teaching and philosophy based on unproved theory, “gut feelings” and emotional responses. Therefore we need to be thoroughly grounded in God’s Word in order to distinguish right from wrong, and not be led astray by what someone thinks or feels in relation to truth, especially regarding spiritual and moral matters.

Divine Healing

Many people ask about Divine healing in relation to the Bible. The purpose of this section is therefore to help Christians gain a basic understanding of what the Bible has to say about healing, and to help Christians learn how God’s principles of healing can be applied to their lives.

As Christians, the focus of our faith must always be the Cross - therefore who we are in Christ and what we have in Him. This must always be the object of our faith.

​In regard to healing, many make the mistake of substituting a belief in healing for that which is really necessary, i.e. the receiving of God’s grace.


Society, infested with human psychology, has taught man to own his emotional thoughts because our emotions, it is said, reflect and even define, who we are.

Many are bewildered, hurting or a little confused, having not quite worked out their reason for living. Our modern society has a mechanism in place that deals with those we have just mentioned. The answer is to send the hurting and confused to a therapist, psychologist or counsellor, etc., so that they can help such people make sense of their scattered negative emotions. Like a painter, the professional will try to piece together from the palette of emotions they are presented with, a picture of the real person, the “real you.”

Eschatology and Biblical Hermeneutics

The Book of Revelation reveals Jesus as the Prince of Peace. It tells us that Jesus, as the King of kings and Lord of lords, will triumph over all to establish this peace, and then rule over His earthly Kingdom for 1,000 years. Revelation is thus not to be viewed as a fearful and negative account of wholesale destruction, but as the means by which God deals with His wayward creation to establish peace. The major theme of Revelation is JESUS - the glorified Christ - His victories and His eternal Kingdom. With this in mind, let us consider this first study concerning the period entitled “end times.”

Everything Is Governed By Laws

God’s law had been broken by man’s sin and only Blood, perfect Blood, could satisfy God’s justice and therefore redeem man. No other blood could do it. The sacrifice of animals could only cover sin, at least for a period of time. God the Word had to become man and die as a man in order to pay the ransom price required. He had to become the substitutionary sacrifice on behalf of man, for man in his sin was unable to pay this price.

Faith And Hope

Spiritual hope is meant to be an anchor for the soul of man, a sure foundation which will prevent us being battered, pummelled and set adrift by the storms of life. This hope is found only at the Cross as the sinner, on bended knee, confesses himself as a sinner needing God’s grace. Then God is able to bring him face to face with the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world (John 14:6). Salvation is found in no other. Only through Him, and the sinner accepting Him as Lord and Saviour, can the Blood of the innocent One be applied to our sins so that all can be forgiven and we can be united with the Father - being “in Christ” and established firmly on the Rock of our salvation.

As has been stated, faith comes from the union of belief (spiritual hope) and trust. Hope always precedes faith. Hope gives us the boundaries of God’s Word, so that we gain the confidence to proceed. Hope is the foundation of faith, but trust in that in which we believe must be added if faith is to develop.


Fasting is an often misunderstood and neglected subject within the Christian community. While many religious cultures use fasting as part of their ritual, for the Christian, fasting is primarily a tool which can be used to aid us in our Christian walk. It is not to become a ritual. In this study we will look into the principles of fasting from a practical viewpoint, the benefits of fasting, both spiritual and physical, and the proper usage of this practice within the framework of the Christian faith-walk.

Let us be clear from the beginning that fasting in itself will not give us victory over sin and the powers of darkness. It is, however, a scriptural directive, and if done correctly will bless the Believer. Fasting, as directed by the Holy Spirit, can help Christians become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Fruit Of The Spirit

It can be seen throughout scripture that bearing fruit is a significant part of the Christian walk. We should bear fruit as a matter of course, just as fruit on the tree appears naturally, drawing its life-giving power from the branches and the soil. Christ is our life-giving force, the vine of which we are the branches. So the fruit in our lives should reflect His character and should also appear naturally, not being something that can be manufactured or forced to grow through self-effort. Such fruit can only develop as we allow God’s grace to flow in our lives.

Note: Fruit is produced within us to reflect the nature and character of God. Fruit then will lead to works, works undertaken by faith and motivated by love.

Getting To Know Your Bible

But don’t let its size frighten you. When you get to know your Bible you’ll find it’s filled with stories of adventure and romance, heroes and villains, courage and cowardice, powerful leaders and ordinary people - just like you.

 And the Bible has the answers to life’s most important questions.

 The word Bible comes from a Greek word meaning “books.” Holy means “to set apart for a purpose,” especially a purpose related to God. So, the title Holy Bible really means “special books that have been set apart because they tell us about God.” Sometimes the Bible is referred to as the Scriptures or Holy Scriptures. Scripture simply means “writing,” so the Holy Scriptures are “holy writings.”

God's Absolute Law

There has been much controversy and misconception surrounding the subject of “law.” In this teaching we will establish, briefly, which parts of the law from the Old Covenant have been abolished and which parts remain today. We will also discover how “law” still applies today in New Testament times, and we will examine the benefits of obeying it and the consequences of not doing so.

​Man lives, spiritually speaking, either under law and its penalties or under God’s grace. In the Garden of Eden, man fell from grace and came under the penalty of the law, thus becoming responsible for paying the penalty for his own sin. This of course he is unable to do because he is spiritually bankrupt and unable to pay the price. Calvary addressed man’s position and gave him opportunity to come back under grace.

God's Plan Or Our Plan

In this teaching, we will be examining various requirements for churches, ministries and individuals achieving success in the Lord. We will be looking at the primary ingredients needed to have a successful church, ministry or personal walk. And we will learn how vitally important it is to have a God-given plan so that we can each work towards the goal to which God has called us.

God's Purpose In Revealing The Law

As we now know, in Old Testament times God established a Covenant with Israel and revealed His principles to them through the Mosaic Law. The rest of the world was, and is, in fact, under another law, whether they are aware of it or not. This law operates through the conscience of man. Certainly from the beginning, mankind was created with a conscience which, if allowed to do so, would convict him in regard to sin. For as we have learned, God’s moral principles, also known as the spirit or intent of the Mosaic Law, are written on men’s hearts. The conscience bears witness to this fact, operating by the thoughts of a man to either accuse him or defend his actions.

God's Law is Contained Within

the Conscience of Man

As we now know, in Old Testament times God established a Covenant with Israel and revealed His principles to them through the Mosaic Law. The rest of the world was, and is, in fact, under another law, whether they are aware of it or not. This law operates through the conscience of man. Certainly from the beginning, mankind was created with a conscience which, if allowed to do so, would convict him in regard to sin. For as we have learned, God’s moral principles, also known as the spirit or intent of the Mosaic Law, are written on men’s hearts. The conscience bears witness to this fact, operating by the thoughts of a man to either accuse him or defend his actions.


Have you ever been told by another Christian that sickness is God-given or God-ordained, and intended to be a means by which God refines our character or deepens our faith? This is certainly one view of sickness and disease - it is a tool used mysteriously by God for His own good purposes.

Well what does the Bible, God’s holy Word, say in regard to this subject? Only by examining the divinely inspired words of the Bible can we obtain a true and accurate picture of God’s will concerning sickness, disease, healing and health

Hell And The After Life

The world of departed spirits was known in the Old Testament by the Hebrew word “Sheol.” The equivalent word for this place in the New Testament is the Greek word “Hades.” These words are both loosely translated in the Bible by the general term “hell.” Using the story of Lazarus and the rich man as a reference point (which we believe to be not a hypothetical story but a real account), we can see that the underworld actually contains two sections, an upper section and a lower section. Thus, the rich man in torment in Hades “looked up and saw Abraham far away” (Luke 16:23). So we can understand that Hades consists of an upper section (Abraham’s Bosom, also called Paradise or Upper Sheol) and a lower section (Lower Hades or Lower Sheol).

Law Of Love

Because we are now under the law of love and have direct access to God and His empowerment, certain limitations in regard to receiving God’s grace which were experienced by individuals in Old Testament times, do not apply today. Remember, as we have learned, that forgiveness and total cleansing are available today in a way that was never possible in Old Testament times. Now, because of the Blood of Jesus and the availability of God’s power through the Holy Spirit, we (the repentant) can live lives of liberty regardless of what sins we may have committed in the past. The Blood of Christ, when applied properly, deals a mortal blow to sin’s power and all of the enemy’s efforts to hold us in bondage.

Laying On Of hands and the Blood Covering

It is very common in many Christian circles to “lay hands” on people when praying for them. This practice is scriptural, for Jesus said that Christians shall lay hands on the sick and they will recover (be healed) (Mark 16:18). Also, in many Pentecostal churches, people join hands when they pray. Both these practices may open spiritual doorways between those who participate. While such spiritual doorways can allow the power of God to flow from one person to another, a problematic aspect of these practices is that a negative spiritual transference can also take place between one person and another.This could result in demonic oppression. However let us not major on what the devil may do. Rather, let us focus on what God will do for those who believe and put their trust in Him.

Love And Lust

The subjects “love” and “lust” are, in a spiritual sense, total opposites - for true love gives for the benefit of others whereas lust always seeks to fulfill its own desires. In this study we will examine the various ways in which lust expresses itself. We will also learn what true love is and how we can walk in the love in which Jesus walked during His earthly ministry. Firstly, however, we will look at the definitions of lust.

Law or Grace

Christians are saved by grace rather than trying to gain God’s favour through obedience to the Law or the spirit of the Law. Indeed without Christ, we would be lost (John 3:16-18). But while we are saved by grace and are under grace, we still need to conform to God’s righteous standards if we are to live victoriously and please Him. The way to do this is not through willpower but rather through Divine empowerment which causes us to walk in the power of truth.

As we have learned, God’s universal laws and principles are still alive and apply today, both to the saved and the unsaved. And we all need God’s grace to be saved and God’s grace to walk in righteousness, His truth at work in our lives and hearts.

Marriage Divorce and Remarriage

Concerning the often misunderstood subject of marriage, divorce and remarriage, we are only going to briefly expound on what we believe to be taught in the scriptures. One of our major aims in formulating this teaching has been to present Biblical truth in such a way that people may be delivered from whatever bondage they may be in, regarding this area. As truth is accepted and acted upon, it brings freedom (John 8:32). And the application of truth to this controversial area of marriage, divorce and remarriage is certainly greatly needed in the Body of Christ today.

Nine Gifts Of The Spirit

When Christians are baptized in the Holy Spirit, they are immersed in and clothed with the power of God - the power from on high (Luke 24:49). This power is then available, at a potential level, to each Christian who is Spirit-baptized. The purpose of this is to make us effective soldiers of the Cross. The gifts of the Spirit are then the means by which God’s power is able to flow, as, of course, the Spirit sees fit (1 Corinthians 12:11).

Now That You're Saved

CONGRATULATIONS on receiving Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour. In doing so, you have made the most important decision of your life!

By accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour you have escaped an eternal future of everlasting torment in the Lake of Fire. As a result of your commitment, your name is now written in a book in heaven called the LAMB’S BOOK OF LIFE. As Revelation Ch.20 tells us:

REVELATION 20:10 And the devil who deceived them was cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone . . . and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever.

​REVELATION 20:15 . . . And whosoever was not found written in the BOOK OF LIFE was cast into the Lake of Fire (and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever).

Occult Oppression & Bondage

This booklet will help bring you into a basic knowledge of occultism in its various forms, as well as providing some information in regard to cults. Many people view occultism as the practice of Satanic rituals involving various types of sacrifices. While this is true, occultism also incorporates many other more subtle activities which people ignorantly accept as general entertainment or harmless experimentation with the supernatural.

​Stated briefly, occultism is participation or involvement in any way with astrology, fortune-telling, magic practices or spiritism. Some false religious cults are of an occult nature because they include occult practices or teaching in their belief systems - but others do not come under the general heading of occultism.

Our Prayer Life

Prayer is a significant aspect of the Christian walk. Primarily, it is a means by which we can communicate with God and fellowship with our Lord. Through prayer we can ask in faith for the Lord to meet a need in our life or someone else’s. Scripture declares to us the value and influence of properly focused, properly anchored prayer.

Through prayer we can seek direction, guidance, empowerment or enlightenment. Prayer can also be a response to God’s love, a Divine interaction by which God’s desire can be implanted in man and man’s desire can become that of his Creator. Through prayer that brings the grace of God to us, we can become more aligned with our Father’s will, and more aware of His nature and characteristics as we commune with Him on an intimate level.

Pentecostal Verses Charismatic Part 1

The spiritual narcotic of darkness permeates the Church world, with false doctrines feeding fleshy lusts for self-rule and material possessions. In the following sections, we endeavour to briefly address some of the heresies which are currently flourishing and are diverting Christians from sound Biblical truth. As Paul warned the Pastors from Ephesus:

Today more and more Pentecostal churches and ministries have become Charismatic in nature while remaining Pentecostal in name. We as Christians really need to know and understand the fundamental doctrines of the Bible in order to recognise the difference which is implied by these two terms.

Pentecostal Verses Charismatic Part 2

We will endeavour to briefly describe some of the different kinds of false teaching which the Church world has embraced in these last days - to their detriment and the destruction of many lives. We have already touched on some of these teachings in the previous section.

Today God still equips and strengthens those who would listen to His Spirit and the message of the Cross - what it has afforded those who would believe. Today there is a strong wind of the Spirit blowing from heaven to give revelation that would bring the standard and the power of God into the Church in these last days. Indeed God has said in His Word, “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him” (Isaiah 59:19). Amen.

Power of a Transformed Mind

After salvation, you need to renew your mind (the way you think) through studying the Word of God, and listening to anointed preaching and teaching. As we have already learned, God’s Word states that we are three-part beings. You are a spirit, you have a soul (spiritual mind) and you live in a body of flesh and bones. While your spirit is made pure at salvation, your mind is not. Yes it is positionally (legally) saved - but for the most part, it takes time to bring our condition (our experience) into line with our position.

Praise And Worship

In some Christian circles today, there is a strong emphasis on praise and worship. However, often there is a lack of understanding concerning the purpose of praise and its place in the Christian walk. This brief teaching on “praise and worship” outlines what the scriptures declare true praise to be and what the Christian can expect as they seek to worship God “in spirit and in truth”, as John 4:23-24 tells us to do.

Rapture Of The Church

One event which is promised in God’s Word is the Rapture of the Church. This is the “snatching away” of all the living Saints to join the Lord Jesus in the air. 1 THESSALONIANS 4:16-17

The Rapture will be followed by a time of Tribulation upon the earth, culminating in the Battle of Armageddon. There will be two parts to the seven year Tribulation period, the second part being called by many scholars “the Great Tribulation,” being much greater in intensity, suffering and affliction. This second half of the Tribulation is termed by Jeremiah “the time of Jacob’s trouble” (Jeremiah 30:7). This is the same time-frame referred to in Daniel 12:1 as “a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time.” This period is spoken of by Jesus as follows:

Reason For Unanswered Prayers

To help people who may be having difficulty receiving from God, or experiencing the empowerment which comes as our human nature is energized by the Divine Nature, a list has been compiled of some of the possible reasons for unanswered prayer and attacks of the enemy.

Receiving God's Promises

Many people have the misconception that we must put our lives in order before we can come to God to receive from Him. However we know this is impossible, for we cannot deal with sin ourselves. We can only put our lives in order by coming to God in repentance, believing in the Blood of Calvary, and receiving from Him not only His forgiveness but the empowerment we need to gain victory over sin. In this way He can not only make us clean, but also put us on the road to victory through the transforming power of His glorious Gospel.

Salvation Message

This study will give you a brief outline of the salvation message. All the points are important to grasp, so study it carefully, seeking to embrace God’s truths and principles.

Know that Christianity is more than escapism. It is founded on and nurtured through a relationship between the Father and His son or daughter. Christianity is about the grace of God through which we have been saved, and the grace we need daily to walk in the way He wants us to walk, faithful to Him.

Sin - Its Origin And Remedy

Mankind’s original spiritual father was God. Adam, however, as man’s federal head, sinned against God, thereby transferring mankind’s spiritual parentage, in a legal sense, to Satan. This caused spiritual death to come upon all mankind, resulting in mankind’s separation from God. Therefore every baby born into this world, being a child of Adam, is cursed because of the Fall with spiritual death. In order to become a son of God (Galatians 3:26), each child of Adam must be “born again.”

Spiritual Warfare

As Christians, we need to realize that we do not have to succumb to the wiles of the enemy. Satan uses evil strategies and ploys to deceive people and keep them in bondage, blinded to the truth. But the only power Satan retains in Christians’ lives is that which they give him, through sinning and remaining in ignorance.

It is also essential we realize that in ourselves, we have no power to defeat the enemy. Many people try to fight the devil in their own strength - their willpower - and they fail. In Christ, however, when we are living in harmony with God’s Word, we can allow God’s power into our lives to defeat the enemy. It is therefore not we who deal with the devil - rather, it is God’s grace working through us, energizing us and giving us the power we need.

Studying The Bible

If a person is open to the Spirit of Truth (the Holy Spirit - our Teacher), the greatest sign to show that a teaching is of God will be God’s convicting power on the Word of truth when it is spoken in wisdom and faith. As the Spirit bears witness with our spirit (Romans 8:16) that the words being spoken are from God, if truly open to this truth, we will experience an inner conviction. It is this inner witness (the knowing within) that will tell us whether a teaching is of God or not (again, that is if we are open to the Spirit of God). However, many may be unable to correctly perceive this leading. For this reason they need to be protected from the enemy and themselves through submitting to God-given leadership - their shepherds (pastors and teachers) within the Body.

Tests And Trials

When we enter into the Christian life, we are not promised exemption from tests and trials. Rather, God’s Word tells us that our faith will be tested (1 Peter 1:6,7; James 1:2-4), and that we should not be surprised at the “fiery trial” which comes upon us from time to time.

Therefore we can know that tests and trials are an expected part of our Christian walk, and not experiences which overtake us because our faith is limited or insufficient.

 When Jesus was here on earth, He experienced everything that we are likely to endure and much more, for He was tempted and tested in all areas. Therefore He knows all our trials and hardships, and is able to understand our weaknesses from a human point of view. For this reason Jesus is supremely qualified and able to help us in our times of need, if we allow Him to do so.

The Anointing Of God

In this booklet we are going to teach on how vital and important the anointing of God is. It is by His Anointing that the Lord brings conviction to the sinner and the Saint, draws souls into the Kingdom, heals, delivers and teaches. The Anointing and the Holy Spirit are inseparable, for where the Anointing is present, so too is the Holy Spirit. Without the Anointing, no true spiritual work can be done.

 The concept of unction or Anointing has its roots in the Old Testament where it denotes the presence of the Holy Spirit (Exodus 29:7; Isaiah 61:1-3). It is used the same way in the New Testament. Scripturally let us say that there is no such thing as an anointing only the Anointing.

The Bible And Its Authorship

The Bible is the divinely inspired and authoritative written Word of God. Indeed God chose and anointed specific men over centuries of time to write down His principles and laws for the benefit of mankind, and these writings together make up a book called the Bible.

The word “Bible” is derived from a Greek word meaning “the books.” The Bible is actually a library of 66 books, of which 39 make up the Old Testament and 27 the New Testament.

The Old Testament contains the holy books of God’s ancient chosen people - the Israelites. The first book was written around 1400B.C., and the last was written about 400B.C., that is, 400 years before Christ was born.

The Blood Covering

There is a prayer often used that is called the “blood-covering prayer.” Many Christians use this prayer wrongly, thinking that it gives a magic covering of protection in every situation, regardless of the sin that may be in their lives. Let us examine the theology behind such a prayer in order to determine when and how it can be rightly used to benefit the Christian.

The Covenant Of God Part 1

A covenant is a formal binding contract which exists between two or more parties in which each pledges to perform certain actions in regard to the other/s. A covenant is a very serious agreement and something which is not entered into lightly. Nor is it something which is undertaken if there is any intention of revoking it or breaking the commitment.

The making of a covenant assumes that there will be blessing and productivity if the covenant is honoured, and conversely, that there will be a curse or dishonour if the covenant is broken.

The Covenant OF God Part 2

The Bible has been divided into two interlocking parts: “the Old Testament” or Old Covenant, and “the New Testament” or New Covenant. Although it is divided into two parts, together these parts describe the complete Covenant of God between mankind and Himself.

​A covenant is a legal agreement between two parties. It is a will or testament which has conditions that both agreeing parties need to fulfill in order for it to become legally binding and operational. Where the Lord is concerned, a covenant is a sovereign pronouncement by God in which He establishes a relationship of responsibility between Himself and others.

The Cross

We find the shed Blood of Christ at the Cross, for the Cross is where the price was paid. The legal union of a Believer and Jesus can only come through the Cross.

This union, however, should progress beyond mere legality, and enter into a union based on relationship which is experienced in an ongoing way on a day-to-day basis. After salvation should come the daily experience of the Blood-bought relationship, where God and man commune together, and man comes to know his Saviour in a personal way. This takes place through holy interaction, following repentance and a commitment to the union in which the Lord is the acknowledged Head.

The Divine nature And The Sin Nature

At regeneration, all pollution is removed from our spirit, and through Divine connection, the Divine Nature is imparted to the Believer, giving us the potential to love as God loves. We now have the ability to operate in the power of the Divine Nature, but we must will for this to happen.

We do this by choosing to listen to and act on God’s Word, rather than listen and respond to the dictates of our flesh or our senses (what we see, what we hear, what we feel like, etc.). It is the Word of God which gives us the boundaries and principles which are to govern our lives. The flesh and the unchecked senses will not provide this light. We need to understand God’s Word, then we need the power to walk in the spiritual knowledge which we have gained from the Lord.

The False Doctrine of Unconditional Eternal Security

The subject of “The False Doctrine of Unconditional Eternal Security” is clouded by misinformation, controversy and scriptural ignorance, and needs the light of God’s Word to be shed upon it so that truth can be revealed in relation to the issues it raises. This we endeavour to do through this teaching book.

At all times we have aimed to present basic Biblical truths concerning this area, truths which will serve to enlighten Christians so they may walk in freedom and victory rather than bondage and confusion. And truth is needed in this area to teach Christians how they may serve God better, how they may gain liberty and freedom in Christ, and how they may be released from bondages arising from past problems and mistakes.

It is for freedom Christ has set us free, and we present these teachings for this very purpose (John 8:31-32).

The Fivefold Ministry

Today our churches throughout the world really lack in the operation of the Five Fold Ministry offices. For instance, while there is nearly always a Pastor who heads the local church body, and Evangelists who preach the Gospel far and wide, how often do we find true Apostles and Prophets also operating within the Body of Christ? While Teachers are called specifically to teach the Word either locally or on an itinerant basis, and it is right and fitting for Pastors to govern and teach local churches, neither a Teacher nor a Pastor will operate to the same level in the revelation gifts of the Spirit as an Apostle or Prophet should. In this way, sometimes God’s best is then not appropriated for the local church and the Church worldwide.

The Flesh

This teaching on this subject is designed to help us understand the scriptural term “the flesh” - what it means to be led by the flesh and the consequences of doing so, and what it means to be led by the Spirit. We will also look into God’s way of gaining victory over the flesh.

In Romans Ch.7, Paul gives an account of the conflict between his desire to serve God and the opposing nature of the flesh. (The term “flesh” as we will use it here is referring to the sin nature which can affect the mind of the Believer but is not in the spirit of the Believer. Remember that the spirit is washed clean from all darkness at regeneration). Note that while the inner man delights to do God’s will, the flesh always seeks to oppose God’s laws.

The Kingdom Of God

Scripture reveals that since the creation of man it has been God’s desire to establish a physical Kingdom here on earth, governed by Himself. This Kingdom would thus have been a theocracy, a Kingdom over which God Himself ruled, in and through man. So although David wrote, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” (Psalm 24:1), and He rules over the universe and all creation in a general sense, and always has done, God also desired to set up a more specific theocratic Kingdom.

The Mosaic Covenant

Between the Fall of man and the time of Moses, various blood Covenants were established by God with different groups and individuals. These were instituted as a means of holding eternal death at bay for those who lived according to these Covenants. The blood of the sacrifices atoned for (or covered) the sins of the people. This was only a stopgap measure, however, for it could not release people from the power and the bondage of sin, namely the sin nature which gives the power to sin.

During this period, God called a man named Abram to be the founder of a people who would be His holy nation, His chosen possession of all the nations on the earth. God gave to Abram special promises which related to an everlasting Covenant and the promise of a Messiah Who would deal decisively with the terrible sin problem that afflicted all mankind.

The Priesthood Of God

It is only because we have a High Priest, seated at the right hand of the Father, that we can come boldly to “the throne of grace.”

It is only through Christ Jesus that we can obtain mercy and find grace to help us in our times of need.

As our High Priest, He functions as the Mediator between God and man. If this was not so, we would have no hope, and no assurance of salvation - but praise God we do have this hope, because Jesus has risen and conquered death and is now our eternal High Priest. Therefore it is obvious that the Priesthood has not passed away, but once again, has been fulfilled in Christ.

The Security Of The Believer - AOG Statement Booklet

This document reflects commonly held beliefs based on scripture which have been endorsed by the church's Commission on Doctrinal Purity and the Executive Presbytery.

What is the Assemblies of God position on the security of the believer's salvation?

The Assemblies of God has taken a strong stand against the teaching that God’s sovereign will completely overrides man’s free will to accept and serve Him. In view of this we believe it is possible for a person once saved to turn from God and be lost again.

The Story Of Creation Pt. 1

The Book of Genesis is a book of beginnings - for this is what the word means. The first four words, “In the beginning God,” give us the antecedent, the reason all creation came into being, for God, Who always was and always will be, created all that is. Evolution is a theory that denies the Creator and seeks to make sense of the created world from a natural human perspective. With no acknowledgement of the righteous and holy Judge, the Creator, the cause of all things, it is totally flawed and hopelessly deceptive in its analysis and its conclusions. From Genesis we learn the authentic story of creation.

The Story of Creation Pt.2

In the first booklet, “The Story Of Creation,” we discovered, through scripture, that God created the heavens and the earth in a dateless past. The key to understanding this aspect of creation comes from a thorough examination of Genesis 1:2:

God would not have created the earth to have been “a desolation and an indistinguishable ruin” (from the Hebrew words “tohu” and “bohu”). His creation of the heavens and the earth would have been a masterpiece, not a chaotic ruin. Thus we find there must be a vast untold story between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2, a story which can be pieced together in a general sense from a careful examination of scripture.

The Tree Of Life

When God said that man would die the day he ate (partook) of “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” God was referring not to physical death “in the day that you shall eat,” but to “spiritual death.” This meant that man would become separated from Him, and no longer linked to Him spiritually - for the relationship between God and man would be broken. As we shall see, physical death also resulted though not immediately, the ageing process being a consequence of the Fall.

The Trinity & Deity Of Christ

The term “Trinity” is generally acknowledged to have first been used by the church father Tertullian (A.D.145-220), and is derived from the Latin “trinitas.” It is a term that denotes “the specifically Christian doctrine that God is a unity of three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The word itself does not occur in the Bible.” 

There is one true triune God, as we have learned, eternally co-existent in three persons Who constitute the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Word and God the Holy Spirit. These three dwell together in perfect unity forming one heavenly government called God, and each of the three Divine persons we recognize to be God.

The Wrath Of God

The wrath of God is a much misunderstood subject. It is a function of God’s holy character and expresses itself through judgement.

One subject within scripture which is often neglected today is “the wrath of God.” This phrase generally refers to the punishment of God - God’s righteous judgement upon sinners. As we know, God is not only a God of great mercy, He is also a God of justice, and He will always fulfill His Word. Therefore those who engage in sin, remaining in a state of sin, will fall under God’s judgement, His righteous wrath.

Tithes And Offerings

As we enter into our new life in Christ, God becomes our eternal provider and we can look to Him to supply all our needs, spiritual and physical, as we live according to His Word. One aspect of the Christian walk which is often overlooked is that of the giving of tithes and offerings. Christians therefore tend to give as they feel, rather than as God has instructed in His Word, and as a consequence they block God from blessing them fully in this area.

In giving tithes and offerings, primarily we are acknowledging that all we have belongs to God and that our reliance is on God and His Word.

Unfortunately today many Christians organize God around their lives instead of organizing their lives around God. The way tithes and offerings are given is a prime example of this.

To Drink Or Not To Drink

The subject of alcohol and whether, as Christians, we should or should not drink, has long been a topic of debate in many Christian circles. Let us look at the Word of God for our answers.

The Bible tells us not to be drunk, not to be in “excess” but to be filled with the Spirit. This means to be controlled by the Spirit of God and not to be controlled by anybody else or anything else, including alcohol and mind-altering drugs. Of course for medical purposes and the benefit of a patient, a doctor may use drugs. Obviously this is not to use drugs in an improper way.

Water Baptism

For the Christian, water baptism is like a wedding ceremony in which one pronounces one’s vows, speaking them forth before a public gathering which is present to witness the event. Water baptism performs the same function before God, and represents a vow presented to the world, to oneself, to the enemy and to the sin nature - a vow of commitment. It is also a symbolic demonstration of death to the old man (the old unregenerate self) and life to the new man, raised in “newness of life” (Romans 6:4). All this is symbolized as we go down into the water and are then brought up out of it.

Water Baptism - tract

Congratulations on beginning your new life in Christ. You are now a child of God (John 1:12), your sins are forgiven and you have the Holy Spirit dwelling within: 1 Corinthians 6:19. You have already taken the most important step in life, but it is important that you follow up on this step with a commitment to seek the Word of God diligently and to obey all that it commands in the power of His grace. One of the commands which is necessary to our obedience to Christ is that of water baptism. Let’s explore this intriguing subject, even if only briefly at this point, so that we may know and understand its purpose in the life of the Christian.

Why Does God Allow War And Suffering To Continue


Now we will return to the subject of the lease given by God to man concerning the earth. Within the time-frame of this lease, man can generally do as he wills, and be punished or rewarded accordingly - for man is a free-willed agent and not a programmed robot. If mankind had chosen to stay within the boundaries of God’s laws, he would have been blessed with success and prosperity. However the violation of God’s principles brings a curse upon man, this curse being the natural result of continual sin. On a national or collective level, due to nations worshipping false gods and forsaking God’s principles (Leviticus 18:25-30), the curse may become manifest in the form of wars, famines, drought, etc. God may allow this, for it is He Who has set spiritual laws in place by which people reap what they sow.

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