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Part done  NOW THAT YOU ARE SAVED(Chinese_Trad)

Part done  NOW THAT YOU ARE SAVED (Chinese_Sim)

Communion CIBC-S1M3S1_Simplified

Communion CIBC-S1M3S1_Traditional

Growing in the Lord-

Baptism In The Holy Spirit-Simplified

Lamb’s Book of Life (Chinese_Simplified)

Lamb’s Book of Life (Chinese_Traditional)

Questions English - Chinese Now What2

Salvation message(Chinese_Sim)

Salvation message(Chinese_Trad)

Seven minutes with God (Chinese simplified)



Water Baptism (Chinese Simplified)

ETERNITY 5th edition

rest below to be translated at a later date :

Approaching God's Word

Baptism In The Holy Spirit

Baptism In The Holy Spirit And Fire

Baptism Of Regeneration

Biblical Hermeneutics 

Christians And Disciples


Covenant Of Atonement

Covenant Of Redemption

Demonology Part One

Discerning The Lord's Body for Healing

Discerning Truth From Error

Divine Healing


Eschatology and Biblical Hermeneutics

Everything Is Governed By Laws

Faith And Hope


Fruit Of The Spirit

Getting To Know Your Bible

God's Absolute Law

God's Plan Or Our Plan

God's Purpose In Revealing The Law

God’s Law Is Contained Within The Conscience Of Man


Hell And The After Life

Law Of Love

Laying On Of hands and the Blood Covering

Love And Lust

Law or Grace

Marriage Divorce and Remarriage

Nine Gifts Of The Spirit

Now That You're Saved

Occult Oppression & Bondage

Our Prayer Life

Pentecostal Verses Charismatic Part 1

Pentecostal Verses Charismatic Part 2

Power of the Transformed Mind

Praise And Worship

Rapture Of The Church

Reason For Unanswered Prayers

Receiving God's Promises

Salvation Message

Sin - Its Origin And Remedy

Spiritual Warfare

Security Of The Believer - AOG Statement Booklet

Studying The Bible

Tests And Trials

The Anointing Of God

The Bible And Its Authorship

The Blood Covering

The Covenant Of God Part 1

The Covenant OF God Part 2

The Cross

The Divine nature And The Sin Nature

The False Doctrine of Unconditional Eternal Security

The Fivefold Ministry

The Flesh

The Kingdom Of God

The Mosaic Covenant

The Priesthood Of God

The Story Of Creation Pt. 1

The Story of Creation Pt.2

The Tree Of Life

The Trinity & Deity Of Christ

The Wrath Of God

Tithes And Offerings

To Drink Or Not To Drink

Water Baptism

Water Baptism - tract

Why Does God Allow War And Suffering To Continue


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